Person to Person Payments

Send money to a friend.

Coastal accounts work with all major P2P payment services making it easy to send money.



We are upgrading our Person to Person Payments service inside Digital Banking. Our current Bill Pay and Popmoney systems will go down the morning of Friday, June 4th. The new Bill Pay system will go live the following Monday, June 7th. There will be no additional disruptions of Digital Banking services that weekend.

We are also replacing Popmoney with a new Person To Person (P2P) service within Bill Pay. For current Popmoney users, the recipients and P2P history will not be converting to our new system. We recommend that users record information about their recipients prior to conversion to enter the new platform. Our new P2P service will feature a new interface right inside our new Bill Pay platform.

Benefits of Our New Person to Person Payments Service:
• Mobile friendly and full featured on both desktop and mobile
• Person to Person Payments will be fully integrated within Bill Pay for a seamless experience
• Improved user interface design

Here’s how person to person payments (P2P) could help you bank better:

  • P2P Payments are a free, fast, and safe way to send money. The money shows up in your recipients’ account almost immediately after you make a transfer
  • Coastal accounts work with all major P2P payment services such as Apple Cash, Paypal, and Venmo
  • To get started, you will need to download their app and link your debit card, or account number and routing number (253175494)

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