Person to Person Payments

Send money to a friend.

Coastal accounts work with all major P2P payment services making it easy to send money.

Here’s how person to person payments (P2P) could help you bank better:

  • P2P Payments are a free, fast, and safe way to send money. The money shows up in your recipients’ account almost immediately after you make a transfer
  • Coastal accounts work with all major P2P payment services such as Apple Cash, Paypal, and Venmo
  • To get started, you will need to download their app and link your debit card, or account number and routing number (253175494)

Using Popmoney for person to person payments.

  • Send money from a Coastal account to another person’s account, even if it’s at a different financial institution, using Popmoney
  • With Popmoney, a transfer of up to $500 is posted the next day and larger transfers up to $10,000 are available within three days. As for safeguards, no money is debited from your Coastal account until your recipient claims it
  • To use Popmoney, sign up for Coastal’s Digital Banking and Bill Pay services; log into Digital Banking, select the “Bill Pay” tab and then the “Popmoney” link 
  • To transfer funds, enter the receiver’s name and mobile number or email address; the recipient will receive an email or text letting them know about the money 
  • To receive money and list of payments being sent to you, log into your Digital Banking account, click the “Popmoney” link, and then select “Overview” 

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