Bill Pay

Simplify your life by getting rid of monthly checks.

Lick the stamp habit with free, digital bill-paying services

Here’s how Coastal’s Bill Pay could help you bank better:

  • Access easily through Online Banking
  • View and pay each bill without ever handling a piece of paper
  • Set up alerts that notify you when the latest bill arrives, when a bill has been paid and when a payment is due
  • Schedule automatic payments of your utility bills and other monthly bills to avoid missed payments and late fees

Paying bills is never fun. But it doesn’t have to be such an unpleasant task.

You know the monthly routine. Gather up the stack of bills, rummage around for stamps and spend an unpleasant evening writing checks. Sure, the electric company, department store, and credit card provider all need to be paid. But isn’t there a better way to do it?

Yes, there is. With Coastal’s Bill Pay service, you can pay bills online from any computer or mobile device. Bill Pay can virtually eliminate the paperwork, cut down on stamp costs and generally save you time and aggravation. It can also help you avoid missed payments by sending alerts when certain bills are due or making automatic payments for those repeater bills that are due every month. Best of all, the service is absolutely free. Now that’s a pleasant thought.

Checking Accounts
Checking Accounts
Choose a customized checking account with low fees and high rates.

The Coastal App alone has made everything super simple and easy to manage. I rarely ever physically go to the bank but I feel like I'm completely in control of my money and how it's managed.
Alyssa P.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Bill Pay is a standard service that is free to all Coastal members. Expedited payments are also available, but charges may apply.

Log in to Digital Banking and select the Bill Pay icon. Once you have reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions, Bill Pay will walk you through setting up a payee and making your first payment.

The way the payment is remitted depends on the merchant, payment history, recent activity, and the amount of the payment. Depending on the payment method some payments are debited up front before the check is mailed. To determine if your payment was processed in this manner you can refer to your account transaction history. The account will show debited on the due date you entered in bill pay.

Yes. You can edit or delete payments in the Scheduled Payments section.

Yes. You can choose from a variety of frequencies in a drop-down menu when setting up a new payment.

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