Payments & Transfers

Keep your loan payments under complete control.

A simple and convenient way to make payments and transfers

Payments & Transfers

  • Go paperless! View and pay each bill without ever handling a piece of paper
  • Set up alerts that notify you when the latest bill arrives, when a bill has been paid and when a payment is due
  • A simple and convenient way to make a payment on all other Coastal loans

Relax by setting up Reoccurring Payments:

  • In a matter of minutes, you can sign up for our Reoccuring Payments service through Digital Banking, removing the worry of missing a payment
  • To set up reoccuring payments, click “Transfers & Payments” in the navagation menu in Digital Banking and select “Loan Payments”. You can pay your Coastal Visa, auto, home equity, or mortgage loan. Your payment will be automatically deducted from your checking account.

Here’s a breakdown of digital banking features that can help you with payments & transfers:

Digital Banking Feature How to use Payments & Transfers

Accounts Summary

  • Snapshot of all the accounts you have access to
  • Includes deposit and loan account balances as well as loan payment info
  • Order checks for any eligible checking account (only on desktop)
  • Performs a quick immediate transfer using any available accounts (only on desktop)

Manage Transfers 

  • Make transfers from any eligible Coastal account to any eligible Coastal account 
  • Make loan payments from Coastal deposit accounts to Coastal loans
  • Transfers can be created as immediate, future-dated, or recurring

External Transfers

  • Set up a transfer between Coastal and an account you have at another financial institution to avoid going to each institution to move money around 

Bill Pay

  • Set up electronic bill payments to anyone in the United States to avoid hassle of writing checks
  • Control bills by paying them automatically or manually each month and choosing right amount to pay
  • Set reminders for payment
  • Elect for eBills when available so you know the exact amount due each month

Person to Person Payments (P2P)

  • Coastal accounts work with all major P2P payment services making it easy to send money. 

Loan Payments

  • Set up a loan payment on any eligible Coastal loan using an account from an external institution
  • Set up one time or recurring payments 
  • View upcoming scheduled loan payments 

Balance Transfers 

  • Quickly and easily consolidate your credit card balances to make managing payments easier  
  • Take advantage of the low rate on your credit card
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