Manage Your Accounts

Manage your accounts with just a few clicks from anywhere.

Secure, convenient and simple, to use, so you can get more done

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Manage Your Accounts - all of them

  • View your account balances, recent transactions, and card security alerts
  • Receive account and security alerts via text or email to help you monitor your accounts at all times
  • Quickly access account statements, notices, and tax forms at your convenience 


Manage Your Accounts Benefits


  • Allows you more access to what you want all in one place
  • Perform banking actions like viewing account activity, making transfers, and keeping up with all scheduled payments coming out of your accounts 
  • The Home page can be customized 

Accounts Summary

  • Snapshot of all the accounts your have access to
  • Includes deposit and loan account balances as well as loan payment info
  • Order checks for any eligible checking account (only on desktop)
  • Performs a quick immediate transfer using any available accounts (only on desktop)


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  • Allows you to access your statements, notices, and tax forms electronically 
  • Prevents mailbox theft by keeping your documents secure inside Digital Banking
  • Receive Notifications when a document is available

New Account

  • If you simply need to add a new deposit product to your existing account, save a trip to the branch and take advantage of the convenience of opening it online
  • Savings, checking, money market, or certificate 

New Loan

  • Looking for a new car? Credit Card? Let Coastal’s Digital Banking help you get your loan conveniently online 
  • Auto, credit, card, personal, home equity

Account Activity

  • Search by information like date range, type of transaction, or amount to easily find what you are looking from your desktop computer 
  • View/search transaction history for each of your accounts 
  • View images of checks you’ve written 

Go Green Tracker 

  •  Go Green Tracker keeps track of Go Green transactions each month so you won’t have to
  • View up to 6 months of your history right from your desktop computer 

What’s my MICR?

  • Need to set up a direct deposit? Find the account number you need to provide in the Account Details module in Account Activity
  • Everything you need to set up an ACH transaction 

Download Transactions

  • Download a list of transactions as a Web connect (QFX) file
  • Upload the file to Quicken or Quickbooks to track finances 
  • Pick the date range you need 

Bill Pay

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  • Set up electronic bill payments to anyone in the United States to avoid hassle of writing checks
  • Control bills by paying them automatically or whenever you want each month
  • Set reminders for payment
  • Enroll in eBills when available so you know the exact amount due each month
Solution Center 
  • Provides one location to perform maintenance on your account 
  • You can update your user name or password, change your security questions, and choose which products you want to display in Digital Banking
  • You can submit requests like a stop payment on a check or a mortgage payoff letter 
  • Set up alerts to stay up to date on important actions 
  • Alerts for activities like a check clearing or if an account balance gets low 
  • Email notification when alert is triggered
  • Credit card fraud text alerts help you protect yourself against fraud 
Rate Reset
  • Need some help reducing your monthly expense? Rate Reset allows you to reduce monthly loan payments by modifying your term

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