Planning & Goals

Set your goals and track them easily.

An effortless way to set goals and track spending

Planning & Goals

  • Receive an email notification when your monthly statements and other documents are available via e-Docs
  • Set a monthly budget to help keep your spending in line
  • Monitor your recent transaction history or view the previous 14 months’ worth of Coastal account statements


Planning & Goals Benefits


  • Allows you more access to what you want all in one place
  • Perform banking actions like viewing account activity, making transfers, and keeping up with all scheduled payments coming out of your accounts 
  • The Home page can be customized 

Go Green Tracker 

  • Go Green Tracker keeps track of Go Green transactions each month so you don’t have to 
  • View up to 6 months of your history right from your desktop


  • Set a monthly budget for each category and then compare actual monthly expenses for each category
  • Helps to keep your spending in line with your budget

Savings Goals

  • Create and track 2 unique savings goals where you input the amount, start and end dates, and the amount
  • Digital Banking helps track these goals to make sure you stay on target


  • Do you know where your money is going? The Digital Banking Spending tool auto-categorizes your transactions so you can see what you’re spending your money on 
  • Provides a snapshot of your finances
  • Tracks income and spending 

Share Points

  • See how many credit card reward points you have earned 
  • Manage all of your redemptions from one location 
  • Set up a wishlist of possible redemptions 

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