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Receive your statements, notices, tax forms, and letters faster by signing up for e-Docs, available in Digital Banking.
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Go paperless!

Coastal's e-Docs is a secure and convenient way to access your statements, notices, tax forms and letters all in one place!

Here are just some of the perks you get with e-Docs:

  • e-Docs is FREE
  • Receive your statements, notices, tax forms and letters quicker
  • Statements are archived for 14 months
  • Transaction history is automatically available
  • Reduces the risk of fraud and possible ID theft

You'll be notified via email when your monthly statements and other documents are available within Digital Banking under "e-Docs". For e-Statements, the email is generally delivered by the third day of each month. (Please note: We do not email you the actual statement nor do we email the actual tax form, notice or letter.)

To access e-Docs, simply log in to your Digital Banking account, click on the e-Docs tab.

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