Insurance Coverage Verification

At Coastal, we know how crazy life can get.  This is why it is so important to have insurance and protect your valuable assets.  It is also why Coastal requires that you maintain full coverage insurance, for the life of your loan, and why we make contact with you by direct mail and a recorded phone message when we need proof this needed insurance is in place.

 What is acceptable proof of insurance?

The policy declaration page showing the following:

1. Name and Address of the Insured

2. Insurance Company Name

3. Policy Number

4. Dates of Coverage

5. Full Collateral Description, including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

6. Comprehensive and Collision coverage with a maximum deductible of $1000

7.  Add Coastal Credit Union as the Lienholder; Coastal Credit Union, Po Box 690010, San Antonio TX, 78269-00107. 

If you do not have your insurance policy readily available, please contact your insurance company and have them upload, or send us, your policy information.



Coastal Credit Union
P.O. Box 690010
San Antonio, TX 78269-0010


(866) 600-7702 (Mortgage)

(866) 600-5699 (Auto)

Ready to update your insurance information, need to chat with a representative or watch a video to understand what’s next?  Coastal is here to help and make the process easy.  Simply visit to upload your policy information, check your insurance status or get your questions answered.


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