Share/Certificate Secured Loan

Borrow against your savings to help build or re-establish credit.


Build Your Credit
Rebuild a healthy credit
score by using your savings as
collateral for a loan or line of credit
No Application Fees
No secured
loan application fees
or closing costs
Earn Dividends
Your savings
continue to earn dividends
while you use your loan1

Bank Better With a Share/Certificate Secured Loan From Coastal

  • Utilize your loan to consolidate debt, home improvements, repairs, and more
  • Use your Certificate or Share Savings as collateral for a Share Secured Line of Credit or Share/Certificate Secured Loan
  • When your loan is paid off, your savings become available to you again

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Options for Debt Consolidation

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Three Times When Borrowing Money is the Best Strategy

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I think the staff is very friendly, is always willing to assist if I have any questions. The loan process is very easy!
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Frequently Asked Questions

All loans are subject to approval. Interest accrues daily.

1. Your money continues to earn dividends at the current interest rate of the deposit product while securing your loan.

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