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Coastal can help you stay on track with loan payments including extensions and loan modifications.
Equifax Credit Reports - Coastal and Equifax have partnered to provide you with immediate access to your credit history. Watch the Magic of Digital Making on! Accel Members Financial Counseling - Get free access to money management, financial education services and free budgeting software.

Member Assistance Program (MAP)

Working together to overcome financial hurdles

If you are experiencing a financial hardship that is affecting your ability to make your monthly loan payments, Coastal may be able to help through the many plans available under our Member Assistance Program* including:

Member Assistance Plans - Coastal has several plans designed to help you stay on track with your loan payments including Extensions and Loan Modifications.

Submit your request for assistance:

  1. Complete the Budget Analysis Form (pdf).
  2. Complete the Member Assistance Request Form (pdf).
  3. Provide Income verification.
  4. Confirmation of valid driver's license and insurance coverage if loan is secured by an automobile

Send through one of the following:

  • Mail:
    Coastal Credit Union
    Attn: Member Assistance Program
    P.O. Box 58429
    Raleigh, NC 27658
  • Phone: (919) 882-6898
  • Fax: (866) 570-1718
  • Branch: Locations

Additionally, HUD is now making credit counseling available to help homeowners stay in their homes.
Learn more information on HUD counseling.

Financial Credit Counseling - As a benefit of your membership, we are providing you with free access to money management, financial education services, and free budgeting software through Accel Members Financial Counseling. (877) 33ACCEL (332-2235).

*All Member Assistance Program options described above are subject to qualification based on Coastal Credit Union guidelines and the guidelines of the investor for which your loan is being serviced as applicable. Receipt of your request for assistance does not constitute an agreement between you and Coastal Credit Union; all terms of your loan agreement remain in force until you receive approval under any of the Member Assistance Program plans.