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Giving Back: Quantifyng Coastal's value to Members

Member Giveback

For the past six years, Coastal has returned more than $11.7 million to our members in the form of special dividends. Our current special dividend, Loyalty Bonus, is paid to members as a reward for keeping their loan and deposit relationships with Coastal, with the opportunity for increased dividends for having a longer membership.

Combined with our Loyalty Bonus dividends, the value that Coastal provides to members in the form of better rates and lower fees than our competition has a positive impact of more than $21 million annually.

The credit union also has a Member Assistance ProgramMember Assistance Program (MAP) in place to help members who are struggling with their loan obligations. Since 2009, the MAP program has helped members restructure nearly 11,300 loans valued at $283 million, reducing their monthly payments for a period of time to help them get back on their feet.

Beyond that, Coastal is also committed to reinvesting in the communities that we serve. In the past year alone, we donated more than $300,000 to non-profit organizations through a combination of corporate donations and grants from the Coastal Federal Credit Union Foundation


2016 Member Giveback
Savings by Refinancing Mortgages
Average rate reduction of 1.00% APR per loan
$ 1,703,763.14
Origination Fee on Purchase & Refinanced Mortgages
Compare Coastal's 0.75% fee to the typical 1.00% bank fee
$ 917,868.16
Savings by Refinancing Auto Loans
Average savings of $1,230.28 per loan
$ 2,001,663.39
New Car Loan Rates
Average savings of 1.52% APR compared to local banks
$ 364,547.14
Used Car Loan Rates
Average savings of 0.49% APR compared to local banks
$ 334,781.46
Home Equity Line of Credit Rates
Average savings of 0.15% APR compared to local banks
$ 195,048.09
Mortgage Rates
Average savings of 0.35% APR compared to local banks
$ 1,467,499.01
Loyalty Bonus Dividends
No one else locally gave back a patronage dividend
$ 2,308,412.00
Go Green Dividends
Coastal's blended rate is 0.54% APY compared to 0.02% at local banks
$ 2,264,235.60
Money Market Dividends
Coastal's blended rate is 0.51% APY compared to 0.05% at local banks
$ 3,108,586.58
Certificate Dividends
Coastal's blended rate is 1.04% APY compared to 0.42% at local banks
$ 1,829,509.73
Savings Dividends
Coastal's rate is 0.10% APY compared to 0.09% at local banks
$ 46,546.41
Health Savings Account (HSA) Dividends
Coastal's rate is 1.50% APY compared to 0.35% at local banks
$ 142,077.12
Daymark Realty Member Savings
Compare Daymark's 4.5% fee to the 6.0% local average
$ 145,533.97
Overdraft Forgiveness Program
Compare Coastal's one cent fee to the average $35.60 at banks
$ 2,971,907.36
Bounce Guard/NSF Fee
Compare Coastal's $31 & $33 fees to the average $35.60 at banks
$ 832,908.60
Overdraft Transfer Fee
Compare Coastal's $3 fee to the average $13 at banks
$ 1,068,040.00
Total 2016 Member Giveback $ 21,702,927.75