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Our experienced agents have a knack for turning a house into your home.

Daymark Realty is where you’ll find dedicated agents with knowledge and expertise to help you buy or sell

Here’s how using Daymark Realty could help you buy or sell a home:

  • Daymark is a wholly owned by Coastal Credit Union, offering lower fees and more services than conventional real estate firms
  • Our agents are all professionally licensed Realtors®, receiving extensive classroom training and mentoring by seasoned agents
  • Sellers pay Daymark a commission of only 4.5%* with no additional brokerage fees, compared to many for-profit firms whose commissions are 6% or more, plus other charges
  • Buyers receive concierge services plus a $500 cash reward at closing*

The average house on the market in North Carolina is valued at about $270,000.

Whether you’re trying to buy a home, or sell one, that’s a lot of money on the line. It makes sense that you want to work with a real estate company that offers experienced agents, low costs and top-of-the-line service.

Daymark Realty checks all those boxes. Daymark is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coastal Credit Union, and touts the same nonprofit status and customer-first philosophy. Daymark’s agents are highly trained Realtors who have in-depth knowledge of the market and confidence in any situation. Daymark helps sellers by letting them retain more of their hard earned equity and buyers by paying them a $500 cash bonus at closing.

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Daymark employs the latest tools and technology to maximize your exposure on the market.  From professional quality images to pre-market preparations like staging, nobody invests more in your success than Daymark.

Help Buying Your Home

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Our highly experienced and dedicated agents will help you find the perfect home for your situation and budget.  But we don’t stop there.  We also give you a $500 cash bonus at closing to get you in your home for less!

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Daymark offers regularly scheduled seminars and webinars to prepare you for the home buying process as well as post-closing home ownership. 

Search for Foreclosures in the Area

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Are you looking for a potential deal on a fixer upper?  Then foreclosure, or OREO, properties may be just what you need. We regularly update the latest inventory of area foreclosures.

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Our agents are always ready to help you with your real estate needs.  And because we’re wholly owned by Coastal Credit Union we’ll be there for you for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate stays the same during the life of the loan. With an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), the interest changes periodically, typically in relation to an index. While the monthly payments that you make with a fixed-rate mortgage are relatively stable, payments on an ARM loan will likely change.

If everything seems to be in good standing on your application, you will be able to obtain a pre-qualification letter. Although it is not necessary to be pre-qualified, it is highly recommended before making an offer. It demonstrates to both you and to sellers how much house you can afford. It can be frustrating for both buyers and sellers to agree upon an offer, only to find out the buyer is unable to qualify for it.

Pre-qualification is based solely on the data you give in your loan application. From this information, your lender can provide a ballpark estimate of how much you can borrow, but your pre-qualified amount isn’t yet a definite thing. Pre-approval is a commitment in writing for an exact loan amount, after your lender has taken a closer look at, and verified, your financial situation and history.

There is no simple formula to determine the type of mortgage that is best for you. This choice depends on several factors, including your current financial picture and how long you intend to keep your house. Coastal Credit Union can help you evaluate your choices and help you make the most appropriate decision.

As a first-time buyer, the first step in purchasing a home is to determine what exactly you can afford. By using one of the several calculators on our website, you will be able to figure out affordability in relation to finances, credit score and other information.

* The $500 cash bonus is available to Coastal members who use Daymark Realty for their purchase and is subject to lender approval.  *4.5% listing is available in Wake, Johnston, Granville, Harnett and Franklin counties.  Commission includes both Listing and Buyer Agent commissions.  No other fees apply.  Commission amounts may vary in counties offering a higher Buyer Agent commission i.e. Durham, Nash, Orange, etc.  As the Seller, you have the final say on which commission to offer.  Call 919-882-6700 for program details and qualifications.

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