Account & Card Alerts

Get quick info about checking balances or debit card use.

Automatic alerts can help you manage and protect your accounts.

Here’s how Coastal’s Account and Card Alerts makes us a better place to bank:

  • Receive a “Balance Alert” when your account balance drops below a certain amount
  • Get a “Daily Balance Alert” every day at a time of your choosing to keep tabs on your checking and savings accounts
  • Guard against theft and fraud by receiving an alert for all debit card purchases or payments
  • Register for a “Loan Due Alert” to be reminded that a loan payment is due in a few days
  • Sign up for various reminders to track important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, etc.
  • Sign up in Online Banking, select the “Accounts Services” icon, select the Alerts tab, and then select which alerts you want

National news comes at us 24/7. Why not personal financial news?

We live in a real-time world. No one wants to wait days to receive word of problems with a checking account or debit/credit card transaction. That’s why Coastal serves as a sort of personal assistant and lets you sign up for all sorts of email reminders.

If you’re worried about bouncing checks, we can alert you when your account balance is getting low. If you’re worried about identity theft, we can let you know, within 30 minutes, of any action on your debit or credit card. Alerts can also inform you when checks clear or loan payments are due. Finally, you can get reminders of upcoming appointments, birthdays and other key dates. If that doesn’t sound like a service a financial institution should offer, remember this: If you forget your wedding anniversary, there may be a high price to pay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alerts are near real time and will be sent roughly within 30 minutes of the action occurring.

Within Digital Banking, follow these easy steps:

  1. Select the Accounts Services icon
  2. Select the Alerts tab
  3. Choose the alert you want to subscribe to
  4. Complete the necessary fields

Alerts include Balance Alerts, Daily Balance Alerts, Transaction Alerts, Cleared Check Alert, Loan Due Date, plus many more.  Alerts are an effective tool to help monitor your account for potential suspicious activity.

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