Manage your debit card on your own terms.

Download CardNav to toggle your way to better budgeting and fraud detection

CardNav has the power to help you stay ahead of fraud and within a budget by setting a wide array of customized transaction controls and alerts. With CardNav, you can block transactions that occur outside of your set geographical region or be alerted if your child makes a purchase above a set threshold. 

This free App* is available for both Apple and Android and puts you bin the driver’s seat of your debit cards.

The Benefits Of CardNav

  • Turn any Coastal Debit card on, or off—in seconds

  • Use GPS settings to control where a debit card is used

  • Receive alerts and create controls based on your location, merchant category or point of sale shopping preferences

  • Set spending limits and manage transactions on each debit card you enroll.

How Coastal Will Help Protect You From Fraud

  • Your Coastal credit and debit cards feature the latest security technology to safeguard your sensitive information

  • Access the latest information about new online security threats and data-breach warnings

  • You will be automatically enrolled in debit fraud alerts via text message to identity unauthorized activity1


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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s unfortunate but they do happen. Criminals insert malicious software into a company’s point-of-sale (POS) system. That malware then records credit and debit card information when the card is swiped through payment terminals. The recorded information is sent to the criminals who then sell it on what is referred to as “the dark web”. 

Retailers are responsible for changing/upgrading their point-of-sale systems, which though slow in going, the adaptions are being made. The good news is as of 2016, credit card companies shifted to the more secure chip-enhanced cards, which make it more difficult for criminals to access your personal information. 

More good news - Coastal blocks and replaces cards as soon as fraudulent activity is reported.

Card data breaches are announced by the card associations (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmEX, etc.). They typically don’t name the merchant (or merchant processor) who was breached. If the merchant deems the breach was serious enough to divulge that a breach occurred, they will announce it. Sometimes, Coastal learns of the merchant as the announcement is being made. Sometimes, we don’t. There is currently no federal or state law that requires a card association to name the merchant that was breached nor is there a law requiring the merchant to announce they have been breached. 

If Coastal learns of the merchant that was breached, we will advise our members as we re-issue their cards or sooner. 

The best way for you to guard yourself against card fraud is to - 

  • In Digital Banking, set up alerts on your debit or credit cards 
  • Use a chip-enhanced credit or debit card at your local merchants to guard against malware that may have been installed on their systems 
  • Use virtual payment services like Visa Checkout or Apple Pay 
  • Be careful when clicking on links in emails you receive. Inspect the link itself, subject line, and the sender carefully. If you think anything is suspicious, don't click the link! 
  • Control your debit permissions and preferences using CardNav

Set alerts in digital banking on your debit & credit cards

Watch your account(s) daily, if possible.

Simply wait for your new cards (and PINs) to arrive.

Remember to update your automated payments with your new card information.

* The CardNav app is free to download, data and other wireless carrier charges may apply.
1. Valid mobile phone number required. Data and other wireless carrier charges may apply.

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