Letter from Chuck: Your Vote is Your Voice

by Chuck Purvis

President & CEO (retired)

From CEO

Dear members,

October is National Cooperative Month, and Thursday the 20th is International Credit Union Day. Cooperatives like Coastal take this time each year to celebrate the fact that our purpose is a bit different (and lot better) than many of other types of business.  We operate under a set of cooperative principles, one of which is democratic control.

I've always taken tremendous pride in working for organizations that are democratically controlled by their members. Each member has an equal voice in how Coastal operates, a fact that is extremely important to me.

That voice is important to me as an American, too. This year, we face an election that will help shape the direction of our country and our state, perhaps for the next several decades. We're not just selecting a new President and deciding the makeup of Congress. If you're in North Carolina, we're also choosing a U.S. Senator, a Governor and the entire state government. The outcome of this election will have a significant impact on your life. I sincerely hope you have a voice in the outcome by voting. I believe in everyone voting, so much so that this year we are providing 2 hours of paid time to every employee to make sure that they have the time and opportunity to vote.

How you vote is up to you. However, I do encourage each and every one of you to learn about the candidates and the issues, and make a commitment to casting a ballot on November 8th.

After all, your vote is more than a choice; it's your most powerful voice.


Chuck Purvis
President and CEO


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