How a Remodel Can Boost Your Home's Resale Value

by Lauren Beichner

Marketing Specialist


Owning a home is often referred to as a piece of the “American dream”. Many homeowners, either right out of the gate or within a few years of owning, will start thinking about making additions or improvements to their home. They want to add something a little extra (finished bonus room anyone?) or simply change the look of a room (flip-flop the tub and the shower in the master bath, for instance). Before you pick out paint colors, or begin demolishing the bath, let’s look at the home improvement projects that just might increase your resale value.

Bathroom Remodels

If there are two rooms that get the most attention when prospective homebuyers tour a home for sale, it’s the kitchen and the master bath. Notice we didn’t say ANY bathroom, but the master bath? While technically, it’s a good idea to have any bathroom updated, it’s the master bath that appeals to most. It’s your retreat and it could be the prospective buyer’s as well. It’s because of its appeal, that typically the average return at resale is 102 percent.

Boost Resale Value with a Kitchen Makeover

And it doesn’t have to be a full remodel either. Simply, refacing cabinets, refinishing surfaces, painting, and upgrading appliances may just be enough to improve the look of your kitchen giving it added resale value.

Think about it – the kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where everyone gathers during family celebrations, cocktail parties, etc. It never fails. Everyone ends up in the kitchen. So, of course, making minor (or major) improvements is a wise move.

Boost Curb Appeal

Having a well-landscaped yard with grass trimmed regularly, flower beds weeded, colorful trees and flowers, a painted door, even a power-washed driveway speaks volumes on the look of the home. Besides, when have you ever seen the exact opposite increase home values? Never. Spending a little money on making the outside of your home look pristine and new will improve curb appeal at a low cost.

Surprising Low Cost Improvement – Adding Fiberglass Attic Insulation

Having a well-insulated attic recoups 108 percent of the cost to do the work. As a bonus, your heating and cooling bills will also be lower. Again, improving resale value while keeping you warm and cool.

Considering that most homeowners stay in their homes an average of almost nine years (according to the National Association of REALTORS®), choosing the right remodel projects is important because you will want to boost resale value.


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