Coastal Cruisers Rides for the Kids

by Lauren Beichner

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Sunday May 7th, was the perfect afternoon to embark on a police-escorted motorcycle ride of 50 miles around Lake Jordan. Why? As our David Falesky puts it, “I can go for a ride any nice day. But, today, we ride for the kids.”

A group of Coastal employees and friends with their motorcycles gathered together for the annual 2017 N.C. Triangle Ride for the Kids, raising money and awareness for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Prior to the ride, individuals in the group raised money for the cause. As of Monday, May 8th, the Triangle chapter has raised over $58K for the Foundation.

 Image of riders

2017 N.C. Triangle Ride for the Kids

If you love to ride and you love to give back to your community, especially to causes that support children with brain cancer, this event is for you. David wrote the following to his supporters in thanks and it is so touching that we’re sharing an excerpt of it here as well:  

“A group of friends and colleagues (the Coastal Cruisers) gathered with even more riders, showed off our fabulous motorcycles, and enjoyed a police-escorted 50-mile romp around Jordan Lake! What could be better, right?
Meeting Charlotte. She is seven. And this is her fourth year at the event.
At 3 months old, Charlotte’s mother and father noticed their beautiful baby girl couldn’t raise her head as they would have expected at her age. The investigations with doctors revealed tumors in Charlotte’s brain and at the base where her spinal cord connects.
While the side effects from surgeries and chemo are devastating, Charlotte’s spirit is bright and wondrous. She eagerly took the mic offered up by Bob (and the Showgram) and his co-host MC prior to the ride. All Charlotte needed was the chance and she sprang at the opportunity to sing one of her favorite songs for us! She had the biggest smile I have ever seen. No even the big microphone could hide her grinning from ear to ear. She did not hold the mic though as the poncho she wore only partial hid her atrophied, dysfunctional arms beneath.
She was beautiful and so was her voice. And this is why we ride. Not for the ride itself. Not even for the fellowship, though that is pretty awesome too. We ride for the kids like Charlotte.”

Big props and congrats go out to the Coastal Cruisers for partaking in and fundraising for this annual event! Sounds like it was worth every moment.

For more information about the rides, please see this link – N.C. Triangle Ride for the Kids. For more information about the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, please visit


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