Coffee with Chuck Ep.17: Helping You Achieve Your 2019 Goals

by Chuck Purvis

President & CEO

From Chuck

Dear Members,

Happy New Year!  I hope your 2019 is off to a great start.  Things at Coastal are moving along swiftly already. We have a lot of great things in store for you this year, and I’m looking forward to using these monthly check-ins to give you glimpses of what’s ahead.

Helping Members Reach Their Goals

This year, you’ll hear us talking a lot more about helping our members achieve financial well-being. A big part of that is understanding our members’ goals, and then connecting you to the various ways we can help make those dreams come true.

So many of us set goals, and so many goals have a financial aspect to them. That might include paying down debt, saving up a certain amount of money, buying a home, or just getting your finances in order. We’re committed to helping you by providing the products, services and expertise you’ll need to get there.

Regardless of what your goal is, I recommend starting small, creating short term milestones, and not losing sight of the end result.

Get Rewarded to Save

This month, we’ve been running a sweepstakes, called Tap to Save for a Rainy Day.  Between now and January 31, 2019, we will randomly select ten members each week and reward them with $10. To enter, members simply need to use the Tap to Save feature inside of online banking.

If you haven’t tried it yet, Tap to Save is a fun way to set aside a bit of extra money. Simply click on the piggy bank module to get started. If it’s your first time, you’ll be asked to set up which accounts you’d like to move money to and from. After that, click the coin icon to add a dollar to piggy, and hit the “Save It Now” button to complete the transfer.

We’re following that up with another savings-based sweepstakes that will begin in February. We’re planning to reward members for saving their tax refund. We’ll announce details in February, with chances to win throughout the spring. Watch your email and our website for more information.

Loyalty Bonus

The morning that we filmed our latest video, I was interviewed by iHeartMedia for their CEOs to Know podcast. I’m eager to share it once it’s published, because a lot of the conversation focused on how Coastal is different.

One of the things we talked about was the upcoming payout of our Loyalty Bonus special dividend. On February 14th, more than 64,000 members will wake up to find a little extra in their savings accounts.  

I can’t wait to share how much we’re returning to our members. I’ll give you a hint, it’s our largest payout ever! That day, we’ll also reveal how much we saved members overall in 2018, which is also considerably more than we ever have before.

That’s one of the best parts of working for, and belonging to, a credit union. When we have a great year, our members are the ones who get rewarded. I hope you share my excitement about last year’s success, and are enthusiastic about the year ahead.  


Chuck Purvis


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