Fraud Alert: Card Security Calls

by Arlene Babwah

VP, Risk Management

Member Tips

We have received reports of members getting calls from a spoofed number pretending to be Coastal’s card security team, attempting to verify a possible fraudulent transaction. These calls are not coming from Coastal, even though the number may look like they are.

Please remember that if Coastal does call you, we will never ask for sensitive personal information such as your account number, Social Security number, PIN, or answers to your security questions.   

As a reminder, you can stay on top of your account activity to spot unusual card transactions by setting up alerts inside of online banking. You can also download the CardNav app to set up alerts, and turn your card on or off to limit access.

If you do receive a call and are unsure of its validity, please contact our Fraud department at 919-420-8211.


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