Coffee with Chuck Ep.19: A few thoughts on accountability

by Chuck Purvis

President & CEO

From Chuck

Dear Members,

One of my responsibilities as CEO is to ensure that Coastal remains accountable to our membership. I believe this begins with listening, grows through conversation, and flourishes by being able to speak and act on your behalf. It all comes full circle by being able to report back to you.

Member Goals Initiative

One of the first ways we can be accountable to our members is to take the time to listen and learn about what’s important to you, so that we can do our best to help you. A few months back, I talked about putting a strong focus on helping members to achieve personal goals in 2019. I’m excited to share that we have created some new website tools to help connect you with the right Coastal resources to meet your needs. 

Members will soon see emails, social media, ads on our website, and more. Everything will link to a new section on our website, which outlines some common goals that you might want to achieve this year. That may include saving, planning for the future, buying or selling a home, consolidating debt, buying a car, or more.  After selecting a goal from the main screen, it will take you to a collection of information, products and resources that Coastal offers to help you reach that particular goal.

As I often say, we’re not in the business of loans and deposits… we’re in the business of helping members make their dreams come true. This is just one more tool to help you bank better, to live better.

Taking Our Message to Congress

An extension of my accountability to you is being able to ask our elected officials and industry leaders to have that same accountability to you.  Earlier this month, several board members and employees joined me in Washington, DC for the Credit Union National Association’s annual Governmental Affairs Conference.  In addition to getting updates about the legislative and regulatory environment, we had the opportunity to hear from speakers like Vice President Mike Pence and former Secretary of State John Kerry.

The highlight of our trip is always meeting with our elected officials. CUNA’s focus was a little unique this year because there are so many new representatives in Congress and, in many ways, our industry leaders were starting fresh, introducing them to the credit union difference.

Things were a bit easier for us because NC’s delegation is largely unchanged from the previous Congress, and all of our meetings were with familiar faces. During our visits, we left behind copies our Member & Community Impact Report, which highlights our mission, vision and values; how we give back to our members; and how we share with our communities. This special version focused on Coastal’s presence and impact in each of their districts.

We also talked a lot about data security and how Congress can help protect our members from being victims of data breaches. We shared, and heard, some heartbreaking stories of credit union members who have been victims of breaches, but were able to share how we’ve helped, and offered suggestions on how our representatives can assist.

As this Congress gets to work and starts writing new laws that potentially affect Coastal and our members, we may need your help. From time to time, we might participate in email-writing campaigns to get their attention and show strong support – or opposition – for certain bills, depending on how they may affect our ability to do what’s best for our membership.  

Annual Meeting

Lastly, what better way to remain accountable than to meet you in person and report back to you on everything we’re doing as an organization?  A great opportunity is at Coastal’s annual meeting, which is scheduled for Monday, April 22. It’s one thing that makes cooperatives unique. Members get to hear directly from our board, and elect volunteer board members.

During the meeting, I’ll provide members with our 2018 year in review, and talk about some things that you can look forward to seeing from Coastal during the rest of 2019. Much like these blog posts and videos, it’s a great way for us to be transparent with our member-owners about what’s happening at Coastal. And of course, we’ll enjoy some good conversation and delicious local ice cream afterward.

I look forward to talking with you again soon.


Chuck Purvis

Chuck Purvis
President & CEO

Our featured local coffee is the Rwanda medium roast from Pine State Coffee in Raleigh.


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