2021 Member and Community Impact Report

by Joe Mecca

VP, Communication / Company Spokesperson

Coastal News

Our 2021 Member & Community Impact Report is now available! In addition to highlighting our 2020 accomplishments and financial results, the report continues to tell the story of why Coastal exists, and how we are making a difference to our members and the community. This year’s report covers:

  • Our Mission, Vision and Values, and the Cooperative Principles that guide us
  • Our 2020 COVID-19 response.
  • The center spread breaks down how we gave back $31.6 million in value to members, which we also talked about back on Loyalty Bonus Day
  • How we put our members first
  • What makes Coastal a great place to work
  • Then we get into our 2020 community impact, which includes the Coastal Credit Union Foundation annual report, and shares the success stories of some of our grant recipients.

The full version of the Member & Community Impact Report will be distributed electronically to members via e-Docs when the April statements are sent. For members who receive paper statements, we will send an abbreviated, two-page summary annual report as a statement insert.


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