5 Money Saving Spring Activities

by Lauren Beichner

Marketing Specialist


A new season brings new activities (YAY!), but this can do some damage to your wallet if you let it. If you're looking for ways to have fun this spring while sticking to your budget, we have five great activities for you to try in the Triangle:

5 Money Saving Spring Activities - Infographic

1. Go On A Hike 

Now that the fresh, crisp spring weather is here, it's the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the nature. That's right, we're talking about hiking. Now, if the word "hike" scares you, don't be alarmed. There are countless trails in the Triangle that are an easy stroll. Here's just a few of the local walking trails: 

  • Lake Johnson Park 
  • William B. Umstead State Park 
  • Neuse River Trail
  • Shelley Lake Park 

Now, put your sneakers on and get hiking! 

2. Have A Picnic 

Since the spring weather is so nice, and we are still social distancing due to COVID-19, a picnic is the perfect spring activity. Pack up your family for a picnic in the park, or have a nice picnic night with your significant other. To save some extra cash, grocery shop ahead of time and make your own food. You'll enjoy the experience and your wallet will thank you later. 

Here's a few places for you to go for a picnic in the Triangle:

  • Dorothea Dix Park 
  • Pullen Park 
  • Shelley Lake Park 

3. Cook Something New 

Are you craving a fun dinner with family and friends but you don't want to spend too much? Invite your family and friends over for a dinner (while socially distancing) and cook a dish that you've never cooked before. You'll have fun trying a new recipe and your budget will thank you for not going out to a pricey dinner. 

4. Visit A Farmer's Market 

Going to a farmer's market is the perfect spring activity to do during COVID-19 because most everything is outdoors! Invite a friend to go with you to the North Carolina State Farmers Market and get a quick bite to eat for lunch. You can also enjoy looking at the beautiful flowers and shop great deals on local produce. 

5. Plant A Garden 

Weather you choose to plant flowers or herbs, having a garden is a wonderful spring activity to get outside! If you decide to have an herb garden, you can grow your favorite herbs which will in return help you save on your grocery bill. You'll have fun with your new spring hobby and you'll save money while doing it! 

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