How To Write A Check In Six Easy Steps

by Lauren Beichner

Marketing Specialist


We know what you are thinking... people still write checks?! The answer is YES, they do! Although less common than they once were, a surprising amount of people still write checks. In fact, 37% of millennials1 wrote a check within the last month. 

If you don't know where to begin when it comes to writing checks, you are not alone. The good news is we have the tips you need: 

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How To Write A Check: 

1. Write The Date

Step one is to write the date on the check. 

2. Write Who The Check Is For

Next, where it says “Pay to the order of", write the name of the person or company you want to pay.

3. Write The Payment Amount In Numbers

There are two areas on a check where you write the amount you are paying. First, you’ll need to write the dollar amount numerically (for example: $125.00). 

4. Write the Payment Amount In Words

Next, you'll write the dollar amount in words. For example, if you are paying $125.00, you will write out “one hundred and twenty five.” To write a check with cents, be sure to put the cents amount over 100. If the dollar amount is a round number, be sure to still add “and 00/100” for additional clarity. 

5. Write A Memo

Writing a memo in the "Memo" box is optional but it can be useful so you know what the check is for. For example, you can write "Monthly Rent" or "Birthday Money!" depending on the reason for the check. 

6. Sign The Check 

Lastly, sign your name on the line at the bottom right-hand corner. Your signature shows that you agree that you are paying the stated amount and to the correct person/company. 

When To Write A Check: 

Although you may be using your debit and credit cards to pay for the majority of your daily expenes, there are times when writing a check is necessary and/or more convenient:

  • Gift giving 
  • Rent
  • Large purchases such as buying a car or the down payment on a home 

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1. According to 2021.