Ready To Sell Your Home? Here's Why Now Is The Optimal Time To Do So

by Lauren Beichner

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If you had originally planned to sell your home during this time, but then COVID-19 outbreak hit, you aren't alone. You may be wondering if now is still a good time to sell your home. The answer is yes! Despite the drastic economic impacts of COVID-19, the housing market has remained steady, meaning it may be the ideal time to sell your home. Here are some reasons why it may be a good time to list your home.

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How You Could Get More Money From Your Home

Even though COVID-19 has taken a major hit to our economy, housing prices are regularly increasing. In fact, leading up to 2021, the average home price for all housing types was $340,0001, up nearly 15% from 2019, as prices escalated nationwide. With any eye-opening statistic like that, if you were considering selling your home, now is the time to do so and may result in you getting a higher value out of your house. 

How Daymark Realty Could Get Your House Sold 

Although the housing market is thriving, selling a home during COVID-19 may look a bit different than selling a home pre-COVID-19. Thankfully, selling a house doesn't have to be overwhelming or scary during COVID-19 with the help of Daymark Realty.

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Daymark Realty knows that selling a house during these circumstances can be challenging, which is why our agents work with their clients to keep them informed and best meet their needs while still following industry best practices. Here's how our agents could help you sell your home while keeping you safe: 

1. Sanitation Best Practices 

In an effort to keep their clients safe, Daymark Realty Agents have distributed Sanitation Station kits to every occupied, active listing starting on March 16th.  These kits provide supplies, such as hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, disposable gloves, a small waste bin and a laminated display sign for visitors to help reduce exposure to COVID-19. To ensure that both buyers and sellers remain as safe as possible during the buying/selling process, these supplies will be available on an ongoing basis. 

2. New 3D Virtual Tour Technology 

COVID-19 has certainly impacted how real estate services help consumers buy and sell their homes. Buyers and sellers alike are nervous about their health and safety during the buying/selling process. As a result, they are less inclined to come in-person for a house tour and instead rely on images to help them decipher if a home is a good fit or not. Daymark Realty knows that in order to confidently buy a home, you need to see more than just pictures of it online. Daymark Realty's new 3D Virtial Tour Technology is the solution to this concern. This new technology allows potential buyers to ‘virtually’ walk through the house that they are touring. 

3. Virtual Appointments 

Our agents are prepared to meet your needs with either in-house or virtual appointments, depending on your preference. If you choose to have face-to-face meetings, our agents are provided with face masks and sanitizer and have been informed and kept up to date with weekly updates on social distancing and best practices to keep you safe. 

4. Custom Market Analysis 

With the market constantly evolving, Daymark Realty makes it their priority to keep you informed on any changes that may be affecting the housing market. Additonally, to help you get the most value out of your home, Daymark Realty Agents will create a custom market analysis based on the current state of your home to help you better understand the housing market and how it will impact the selling price of your home. With the information from the market analysis, you'll be able to work with your agent to comptetively list your home. 

Key Takeaways 

Despite concerns over the virus, the demand for real estate sales still persists. If you need help selling your home and getting the most value out of it, Daymark Realty is here to help. Remember, you only get one opportunity to attract a buyer to your home. Daymark Realty will get you moving in no time! 

  • Agents have been asked to wear masks whenever they meet with clients
  • Agents have been asked not to share pens, tablets, phones, etc 
  • Social Distancing practices are being observed at all times
  • Virtual meetings are being offered as alternatives to in-person meetings
  • Agents receive regular (at least weekly) updates on the latest Covid-related developments and restrictions
  • Our agents are using electronic signature to facilitate paperwork signing during remote meetings  
  • Request seller and buyer to self disclose whether they have COVID19, exhibit similar symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with COVID19 
  • Agents discuss Covid-19 and educate sellers on precautionary steps
  • Daymark provides a Sanitizing kit for every occupied listing (gloves, sanitizer, clorox wipes, waste basket and laminated sign for visitors)
  • Virtual consultations are available via telephone, facetime, Zoom, etc.
  • Immersive 3D tours are available to reduce traffic and promote listings to travel-challenged buyers
  • Agents make sure the buyer is properly qualified before showing to minimize unproductive showings 
  • Showings are actively managed to observe recommended spacing between parties and prevent overlapping showings
  • Virtual open houses are being offered
  • When Open Houses are held visitor capacity inside the home is limited
  • For occupied properties, request to open all cabinets, closets, window coverings, and turn on lights before showings. Ask buyers/showing agents to limit touching any surfaces 
  • Asking buyers to remain in vehicle until agent arrives
  • For occupied properties, we request sellers open all cabinets, closets, window coverings, and turn on lights before showings to limit touching of surfaces.
  • Agents speak with buyers outside of the home or in a ventilated area while keeping social distancing
  • Agents maintain a detailed log of interactions to enable contact tracing
  • Agents are supplied with face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer for use during showings 

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