Send Your Teen to Cooperative Leadership Camp

by Joe Mecca

VP, Communication / Company Spokesperson


This year’s Cooperative Leadership Camp, hosted by the Cooperative Council of NC, will take place virtually from June 21 to June 25.

Whether you're a teacher/parent/co-op staff member wanting to give a teen an awesome at home experience over the summer or wanting to volunteer yourself, use the below links to get your applications in for Virtual Cooperative Leadership Camp!

I am a Student wanting to attend!

I am an Adult or Teacher wanting to help as a Volunteer Staffer

CAMP IS FREE FOR STUDENTS!  Because Coastal is a member of the Council, children of our members are eligible to participate. Coastal is also a sponsor of the camp, and some of our staff participate by leading a special exercise designed to help teens learn about managing money.

This robust at home virtual experience will start with an at home kit being mailed to each teen. They will get to be a part of a diverse group of teens coming together on a zoom platform to participate in social events, business challenges and building a worker/owner tee shirt cooperative. They will get to work with small groups to learn, have fun and create solutions for their cooperative.

This event includes a virtual escape room, an adult financial simulation and lots of fun times to connect with other teens across the state!

Teens will also participate in games and incentives during camp to win prizes as well as be qualified to apply for the Jim Graham Scholarship in their senior year of high school.


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