3 Types of Imposter Scams to Watch Out For

by Lauren Beichner

Marketing Specialist


What's an Imposter Scam? 

Imposter Scams

How to Spot an Imposter Scam

Fraudsters are on the prowl more than ever this time of year. Lucikly for you, Coastal has got your back and will always keep you informed on ways to keep your money secure!

Check Out Coastal's Fraud Prevention Tools

3 Types of Imposters to Watch Out For

1. Family Imposters

Before sending any money to family members, always call your relative to confirm with them that they are actually the one receiving the money. 

2. Financial Imposters

Don’t share access codes or PINs with anyone. Your bank or the government will never ask you for this information. 

As a reminder, Coastal will never ask you for this information: 

  • Full 16-digit account numbers or full Social Security numbers
  • Usernames and passwords
  • One-time security codes

If anyone asks you for this information, do not provide it to them, and make sure to report it immediately. 

3. Refund Imposters

Never send money to anyone claiming to be from companies asking for payment or offering a refund for something you didn’t order.

Coastal Always Has Your Back

Want More Fraud Prevention? Coastal has a variety of fraud prevention tools to keep your information safe and secure at all times so you never have to worry. 

Coastal's Fraud Prevention Tools

Coastal's Fraud Prevention Tools


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