Why You Should Break Up with Your Bank, Part 2

by Liza Deckelbaum


Throughout the next couple of months, we will be sharing a blog series highlighting the top eight reasons you should break up with your bank and consider joining a credit union.

Reason #2: You’re the Boss, Boss 

We’re not a bank and that’s a great thing. If you’re already a member with us, you know that you’re the boss. Not a member yet? You read this correctly – join today and you’ll be an owner of our credit union. Cool, right? But, you might be wondering what this means and how this makes credit unions more transparent than traditional banks.

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We’ll Give you the Breakdown

At banks, the owners are the stockholders. Customers of a bank cannot vote or be elected to the board. They also have zero input in how the bank operates.

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At credit unions, each member has the right to vote in electing board members. Members can also run for elections to the board. We put the power in your hands and we answer to you. This means you can trust that credit unions are always operating in your best interest because members just like you are the decision makers.

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The Benefits of Credit Unions

There’s a reason people are switching to credit unions now more than ever. Whether you’re switching for lower fees, better rates or simply more transparency, there’s no argument over the immense benefits credit unions provide its members and owners.


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