5 Tips For Barbecuing On A Budget

by Lauren Beichner

Marketing Specialist


We’re just days away from the Fourth of July. According to WalletHub, 818 hot dogs are being consumed every second from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Whether you’re buying hot dogs and hamburgers or going for steak and chicken and all the fixings, there is a way to barbecue on a budget. Here are our 5 tips!

1. Buy Less Expensive Meats

If you’re a meat eater, just the thought of a well-cooked filet mignon or cut of prime rib makes your mouth water. While both are good and tasty when grilled too, try going for a less expensive meat; just flavor it up a little! Choose a hanger or flank steak instead. For hamburger, choose chuck over sirloin or Kobe beef too. Again, make sure to add some flavor.

2. Buy in Bulk

Check your local grocer’s circular. Whether you plan to shop a store that sells items in bulk or a regular grocery store, take the time to check the circular specials for the weekend. Sometimes, buying certain products in bulk at stores will save you some money and sometimes the grocer has a better deal. Either way, it’ll save you (some) money to purchase your meats, condiments, even ingredients for sides and beverages in bulk.

3. Make Side Dishes the “Potluck” Item

If you’re having guests over to enjoy the festivities with you and your family, ask your guest to provide the side dishes. This way, you can focus on grilling the main dish making it the best tasting one your guests have ever had while saving money from not having to provide the side dishes too.

4. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Your local Farmer's Market has everything from vegetables, fruits, even fresh flowers for your Fourth of July table setting! Make sure to visit the Raleigh Farmers Market for local items. 

5. Use Bread as an Appetizer

Just about everyone already has bread in their homes. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive appetizer look no further than what you already own. There are so many different options for what you can do with bread, garlic, butter, or you can just throw some meat on it.

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