Four New Digital Wallets Are Here

by Joe Mecca

VP, Communication / Company Spokesperson


We’re excited to announce that we have expanded the number of digital wallets that support Coastal’s debit and credit cards.

What’s New

  • All of Coastal’s debit and credit cards are now supported in five popular digital wallets, which work on most newer mobile devices and select watches / fitness trackers, including:
  • Each new wallet features One Time Passcodes (OTP), and we have enabled OTP for Apple Pay as well. OTP speeds up enrollment for members by sending a confirmation code to your mobile number or email address that we have on file, rather than requiring you to call our contact center to complete the validation process. 

Member Benefits of Digital Payments

  • You can use your preferred mobile device or fitness tracker to make purchases with your Coastal credit and debit cards, without presenting the physical card to the merchant.
  • Digital payments are more secure than magnetic stripe card transactions, because they use special encryption generated by the device, instead of openly sharing your card number and other sensitive information.
  • Digital wallets are now accepted by millions of merchants, and can be used to purchase items or services in-store, within apps, and online.
  • Enrolling a card is fast and easy. Once your card information is verified, you’ll be able to use your phone or other device to make purchases instantly.

We hope you’re excited about this new convenience and eager to begin using your Coastal cards to pay from your favorite device today.


A plastic-free way to use your credit and debit cards


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