Money Market vs. Certificate: Which Is Right For You?

by Lauren Beichner

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Savings Tip: Pick The Right Account For You 

Step #1 in transforming your savings strategy is to realize that not all savings accounts are the same. Some have fixed rates and payments while others have more flexibility for how much and how often you can withdraw your money. So, before you decide on which savings account is best for you, it's helpful to think about what you are really needing from your savings account. 

Money Market vs. Certificate

Money Market 

A Money Market Account has a lower minimum opening balance than most accounts which means it's ideal for someone who wants a greater return without putting a lot of money upfront. At Coastal, you only need $100 to open a Money Market. In addition, there isn't a minimum length of time you must keep your Money Market Account open which makes it a flexible saving option. Even better, you can transfer money in and out, whenever you want through our Mobile App1 or at one of thousands of locations nationwide. So, if you know that you are going to need access to your funds within a short period of time, a Money Market may be ideal for you. Also, with a Money Market account, you have the ability to add money to your account at any time. 

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On the other hand, you can open a certificate with a minimum opening balance of $250. A certificate may be ideal for someone who is looking to save for long-term goals since they keep your money saved for a set period of time. A certificate has a fixed interest rate which is great if you want your rate to stay the same and not fluctuate with the market. One thing to consider with a certificate, however, is if you need to get access to your funds before your term is over, you can expect an early withdrawal penalty. 

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More Questions? 

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