Banks vs. Credit Unions

by Lauren Beichner

Marketing Specialist

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Why You Should Love Credit Unions

At Coastal, we’re here to serve the members of our community, not Wall Street. Our profits don’t fill the pockets of bankers, they get shared back in the form of better rates, lower fees, dividends, and community involvement. There are plenty of reasons to love credit unions compared to banks. Here are a few examples how Coastal Credit Union helps you bank better to live better! 

Reasons To Love Credit Unions - Infographic is explained below

Members Always Come First

We’re not a bank and that’s great news! If you’re already a member with us, you know that you’re the boss.  At banks, the owners are the stockholders. Customers of a bank cannot vote or be elected to the board. They also have zero input in how the bank operates. Want more from your financial institution? At credit unions, each member can choose to vote in electing board members. Members can also run for elections to the board. We put the power in your hands and we answer to you. This means you can trust that credit unions are always operating in your best interest because members just like you are the decision makers.

Better Rates Than Banks

All financial institutions have fees, rate structures and payment terms that you should read thoroughly. However, credit unions differ in that they offer lower rates and payments for most loans and credit cards. According to the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), credit unions provide higher savings rates and lower loan rates. That means you will owe less over the span of your loan and your savings grows faster. The NCUA provides resources to compare the national average rates for 23 common loans and deposits at banks and credit unions. You can use the charts on the NCUA website to compare the national averages and help guide your decisions.

Fewer Fees

“I love paying fees!” Said no one ever. The truth is, every financial institution has fees of some kind. But is your bank being upfront with its fee structure or are you left feeling surprised when you look at your monthly statements? A FICO study showed the number one reason consumers leave their bank is due to high fees. The study also indicated that credit unions earned higher marks for overall trustworthiness, especially around greater transparency on fees. Not only are bank fees usually higher, some banks hide fee structures in small print within account disclosure pages, making them difficult to find, read and understand. Credit unions on the other hand, have easily accessible fee disclosures that are straightforward and understandable. Remember, owners of credit unions are members just like you, so you can rest easy knowing your best interests are top of mind.

Active in the Community

Part of every transaction at Coastal is given back to the community to help in areas like financial literacy, food insecurity and poverty. Our people-first philosophy motivates us to get involved in community charitable activities and worthwhile causes, such as Habitat for Humanity. For us, it’s about lifting up our neighbors and our neighborhoods. Because when we make our communities better, we all win.

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Tons of Perks and Rewards

There are tons of extra perks that go with being a member of Coastal. We’ve returned over $21.5 million our members in the form of special dividends over the last 9 years. You can access ticket offers for Coastal Credit Union Music Park concerts and gain quick entry to the show using Coastal’s Fast Lane. Get ticket offers on Carolina Hurricanes, Durham Bulls, NCFC and NC Courage games. The list goes on and on!


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