Why You Should Break Up With Your Bank, Part 7

by Lauren Beichner

Marketing Specialist


Don't Be Afraid To Borrow

It’s understandable to get a little spooked about borrowing or taking out a loan, but as a member of a credit union you can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting the lowest rates possible along with top notch member service.

Credit unions offer a wide variety of loans. Whether you’re searching for a new car or starting a new business, credit unions have your back. Credit unions work with members one-on-one to meet your financial goals.

How Coastal Can Help

Don’t believe us? Let’s use Coastal member Candice's story as an example. Candice had a dream of starting her own hair studio. With the help of Coastal, she was able to open Garnish Hair Studio and Extension Bar, which is now a thriving business in Raleigh.

Taking out a business loan was a big risk for Candice. But, she put her trust in her small business loan officer Louis to help her make the right decision. Louis and Coastal gave Candice the opportunity to borrow the amount of money she needed to continue growing her studio, without having to worry about unattainable payments lurking in the future.

“Coastal really helped me be able to put it together. Louis even visited my construction site as we went through the different phases and he was there for me every single step of the way,” said Candice. Watch her entire story here on Coastal’s YouTube channel. 

Did you know? The NCUA provides resources to compare the national average rates for 23 common loans and deposits at banks and credit unions. Average rates for used car loans with comparable terms can differ significantly from banks and credit unions. You can use the charts on the NCUA website to compare the national averages and help guide your decisions.

Bottom line: there’s no reason to be scared about borrowing because unlike big banks, credit unions don’t answer to Wall Street. They answer to you.


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