Four Steps to Prevent Fraud

by Lauren Beichner

Marketing Specialist


Did You Know?

1 in 10 Americans will fall victim to a scam or fraud every year.

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You may be wondering... "how do I protect myself". That's a great question! We are about to dive into 4 ways that you can keep your personal information safe and secure so you don't fall victim to fraudsters. 

4 Steps To Protect Yourself:

1. Never use the same password on multiple websites

If someone re-uses the same combination of username and password on several different websites, then the login security of all those websites is only as good as the least secure site. A strong, unique password is your first line of defense. So, if you’re guilty of using the same passwords everywhere, go ahead and start changing them right now.

2. Turn on Multifactor Authentication

Coastal’s multifactor authentication is always running and security challenges are automatically presented or not based on a variety of factors. But, many other websites let you toggle this setting. Turn it ON if it’s an option.

3. Avoid using the same username in multiple places

This is a bit more difficult, because a lot of sites simply use your email address. But, if you have the ability to change your username, select a unique one for each site that you use.

4. Don't share the answers to your challenge questions on social media

When you answer Facebook posts like “What song was #1 the week you were born?” or “What supermarket did your family shop at when you were young?”, you’re giving away information that can be used to figure out more sensitive personal details like your birthday, hometown, or past addresses. Criminals can use that information to get past security challenges, or even start to build a profile to fake your identity. To be safe, try to avoid sharing personal information that connects back to your identity on social media. 

Coastal's Commitment To Keeping You Safe

Safeguarding your personal information is our highest priority. Here are just a few ways we keep you safe:

  • Coastal credit and debit cards are equipped with the latest chip technology to add another layer of security for online and in-store purchases

  • Special payment options allow you to pay without revealing your card information to the retailer
  • Access the latest information about new online security threats and data-breach warnings
  • You are automatically enrolled in debit fraud alerts via text message to identify unauthorized activity1

Explore Coastal's Fraud Prevention Tools


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1. Valid mobile phone number required. Data and other wireless carrier charges may apply.