How Coastal Can Help You Build A Travel Budget

by Lauren Beichner

Marketing Specialist


Planning a trip can be very exciting, but it’s critical to outline a healthy budget for your travels prior to boarding the plane. With Coastal, you can capitalize on your hard-earned money with saving strategies that can expand your travel budget. Here’s how:

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Not Sure How Much You Need To Save?

Coastal's financial calculators can help you decide how much you need to save in order to make your vacation dreams a reality. 

Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators

Try Coastal's Save Toward A Goal Calculator

1. Go Green Checking + Money Markets

When you open a Coastal Go Green Checking account, you earn a higher dividend rate with the debit card purchases you already make. 

Once your Go Green Checking account is active, you should strongly consider opening a Go Green Money Market account as well. You see, money market accounts generally offer higher dividends rates than standard checking or savings accounts without any added financial risk.

You can't go wrong with Coastal’s Go Green Checking and Money Market bundle offer dual savings opportunity.

Go Green Checking

Go Green Checking

2. Coastal Certificates

Coastal’s certificates provide you with a no-risk strategy for building your savings. Simply deposit your money for a chosen timeframe, which can be anywhere from 6 months to 60 months. Then, you can collect that same amount with dividends earned at the end of the set timeframe. With flexible terms, and great rates, Coastal's are an offer you won’t want to pass up.

Unlike most big banks, Coastal offers dividends that compound daily so the more the dividends compounds in your account, the more money you will earn back. There are also zero maintenance fees and all you need is just $250 to open a 6-month certificate account, allowing you to invest less and save more.While you are planning your vacation, put some money aside and schedule your certificate to pay out just in time for your departure.

3. Special Savings

Watch your money grow in Coastal’s special savings accounts to make your ideal travel budget possible. With a minimum deposit of just $100 to start a special savings account, Coastal makes it easy to give you a reason to save. By earning competitive dividend rates on deposits, you can start saving now to prepare for your upcoming travel plans.

4. Personal Loans

At Coastal, we pride ourselves on offering members flexible and affordable personal loans to finance your wants and needs, including travel plans. 

With flexible terms adjusted to your budget, Coastal will let you borrow up to $60,000, pending approval. Coastal’s personal loans are also eligible for the annual loyalty bonus payout, which can earn you more money to put toward travel expenses. This is just one more way Coastal shows members how we care and could help you get closer to that dream vacation.

5. Coastal’s Signature Premier Rewards Visa® Credit Card

You likely use your debit or credit card every day. So, why not earn more when you’re doing your regular spending anyway? Coastal’s Signature Premier Rewards Visa® Credit Card gives you unlimited rewards and some of the lowest rates, with 0% intro APRon balance transfers for the first 12 billing cycles. With no foreign transaction fees and rewards like earning three times the points on gas, this can be a great option for saving for travel expenses – especially if you’re planning a road trip.

With this unique card, Coastal can offer you even more benefits of travel and cancellation insurance with complete identity theft protection. From redeeming points for cash back to locating the perfect hotel through the Visa® Concierge Service, this card offers several ways to help make your next trip go smoothly.

Not Sure Yet Which Option Is Best For You Yet?

Coastal’s team of experts are available and ready to answer your questions. Connect with a Coastal team member near you to discuss further today, by visiting

Regardless of what option you choose, you can count on Coastal to help you save money this year to help you Bank Better!


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  1. Fees may reduce earnings on account. Rates subject to change without notice. Penalty for early withdrawal. 
  2. A special introductory offer balance transfer rate of 0.00% APR applies for 12 months from the account open date. Rates range from 11.25% to 18.00%. At the end of 12 billing cycles, the transferred balances will migrate to the standard rate qualified for. Fees tied to balance transfers do apply. You may not transfer balances from one Coastal credit card to another, nor can it be used to make a payment on a Coastal loan.