Get Your Balances In Real-Time With Coastal Fast Balances

by Lauren Beichner

Marketing Specialist


The Coastal Fast Balance widget lets you see the balance of any of your Coastal accounts in real time without having to log into the Coastal App. This widget is available for both iPhone and Android devices. You can start enjoying this widget in just two simple steps:

Step One: Install the Widget

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Step 1

  • On an iPhone, swipe left from the home screen to go to the widget screen. You'll notice there's an edit button that you’ll need to select to install the widget (If you're an Android device, you would simply tap and hold anywhere from the home screen to install the widget).
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Step 2

  • Select the Customize button and then select the Plus sign next to Coastal Fast Balances. Then select done.

Step Two: Enable Tap Balances

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Step 3

  • Once you add the Coastal Fast Balances widget, you will notice that it will ask you to enable Tap Balances. To enable Tap Balances, simply tap the Fast Balances widget and it'll ask you to log in to the Coastal application.
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Step 4

  • After you log in and you've reached the home screen, you will select the Menu button in the upper right corner. At the bottom of the menu, select Solution Center.
  • Under the User Profile Menu, select Manage Tap Balances.
  • Under the Tap Balances drop down, you can type in a device name. And then you will select Enable Tap Balances. From here, you will see a list of all your accounts. You'll be able to choose which accounts you would like to display in the Coastal Fast Balance widget to see your balance in real time. After you’ve made your selection, tap the submit button. You will get a notification that pops up at the top that says your list of included accounts has now been updated.

And there you go! Now, when you swipe over to the widget screen, you’ll be able to see your balances on the go in real-time.


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