Next Step in Ransomware Prevention

by Brett Obringer

IT Goverance Risk & Compliance Analyst


Cyberattacks are on the rise, particularly ransomware attacks. A ransomware attack is when malicious software prevents access to data, usually by encryption. These threats very serious due to the fact that your data is available to attackers but not to you. If you run a business, your clients data could be exposed and sold on the dark web. So here are a few tips for preventing Ransomware:

This graphic is explained below.

4 Tips To Prevent Ransomware

  1. Backup your computer: If your data gets encrypted, restoring from an uncorrupted backup would be one of your least expensive options.
  2. Update those applications! Everyday hackers find new vulnerabilities in software. If your information is ever close to being hacked, the software company will release an update to protect against it.
  3. Click only links you have verified are legitimate. 
  4. Install a security solution: Security and hacking are a ping pong game. With modern security tools, you can get more than just antivirus protection.

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