Phone Scams On The Rise

by Deborah Hinshaw

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With navigating the way our world is currently functioning comes the reality of more ways fraudsters will try to gain access to our hard-earned money. Because more of us are working remotely or just staying home more, it leaves us even more vulnerable to phone scams.

It is important to understand that telephone scams are on the rise. Being aware of this fact will aid you in preventing the possibility of becoming a victim. Knowing that fraudsters could be impersonating someone from Coastal Credit Union, the IRS or other financial institutions prevents you from being duped.

Graphic is explained below.

Graphic is explained below.

Here are a few reminders regarding phone scams:

  1. Giving out information over the phone is risky. This is especially true when it is an unexpected call. Don’t let yourself be pressured into giving out personal information.
  2. Your PIN or one-time passcode is for you and only you. Coastal Credit Union will never call you for this information.
  3. The IRS does not contact people via phone. Their method of contacting clients is by mail.
  4. Always keep your personal information, PIN, and passwords in a safe place.

Stay informed by checking out the link below!

How To Avoid Phone Scams


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