7 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Digital Banking Experience

by Chip Bailey

Digital Operations Manager


Unlock the full potential of Coastal’s Digital Banking! Here are seven tips and tricks that will streamline your finances, save you time, and give you more control, letting you bank better to live better:

  1.  Make a Real Connection: Did you know you can schedule a branch appointment right inside Digital Banking? Save time by booking before you go. Simply select “Contact Us” and then “Schedule Appointment”. You can set up a phone call, virtual appointment, or meet face-to-face in your nearest Coastal branch.
  2.  Easy Access: You can access your statements instantly within the app for quick reference, enabling swift tracking of transactions and financial records.
    • To view your statement on Desktop: log in to your Digital Banking account. Click the "Accounts" tab. Click "Statements & eDocs"
    • To view your statement in our App: Log in to the Coastal App. Select the slide-out menu at the upper right. Select "Additional Services", and then select "Statements & eDocs"
  3.  More Convenience: Don’t have time to visit a branch? No worries! You can deposit checks seamlessly with Mobile Check Deposit. You can deposit an unlimited number of checks and/or money orders per week (up to $50,000)1. Just tap the “Deposit” button right at the bottom of our app, take a picture of the front and back of the check, and you’re done!
  4.  Customized Control: Looking to streamline your banking? You can hide/show which accounts you want to see on the home screen, Pay a Person, and Bill Pay for a more personalized banking experience. Simply select “My Profile” and then “Account Display Preferences”.
  5.  Quick Balances: Use the Fast Balances widget to check your balance and see account updates without having to log in to the app. After you add the widget on your phone, log in to the Coastal App, select “My Profile” from the slideout menu, and then “Fast Balances” to enable
  6.  Stay in the Know: Easily set up real-time alerts for your balances and transactions. This way, you'll always know what's happening with your account, right when it happens. To setup alerts, simply select any of your accounts and you will see the alerts link right next to the details link.
  7.  Need to find something?: Looking for something specific in your transactions? Keep track of your finances by selecting the “Search” link on any of your accounts to sort them by type, date range, description, amount, or check number.
  8.  BONUS TIP! Looking for a more convenient way to access your account? With the Coastal App, you can set up Fingerprint and Face ID! After you log in to the App, go to "My Profile" and select "Fingerprint and Face ID". For added security, if you change your Coastal username or password, you will have to re-enroll in Fingerprint and Face ID. Download our Mobile Banking App now and experience seamless banking wherever you go!

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1. Mobile Banking check deposits provide access to the first $225 immediately, with a two-business-day hold on the rest. For more information, check out our Funds Availability Policy Disclosure.

Coastal’s Mobile Banking App is free to download, data and other wireless carrier charges may apply.


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