Account & Card Alerts

Get quick info about checking balances or debit card use.

Automatic alerts can help you manage and protect your accounts.

We live in a real-time world. No one wants to wait days to receive word of problems with a checking account or debit/credit card transaction. That’s why at Coastal we make it our priority to provide our members with account alerts to ensure they are up to speed on any changes. At Coastal, you can sign up for all sorts of email reminders. From alerts about your balance and that most recent purchase, to reminders of important dates, we got you covered.

The Must-Know Details

  • Get alerts in as little as 30 minutes of the transaction taking place

  • Receive a “Balance Alert” when your account balance drops below a certain amount

  • Get a “Daily Balance Alert” every day at a time of your choosing to keep tabs on your checking and savings accounts

  • Guard against theft and fraud by receiving an alert for all debit and credit card purchases or payments you make1

It’s As Easy As 1, 2,3 To Set Up! Here’s How:

  • Sign into Online Banking and select the Accounts Services icon

  • Select the Alerts tab

  • Choose the alert you want to subscribe to

  • Complete the necessary fields 

Frequently Asked Questions

Alerts are near real time and will be sent roughly within 30 minutes of the action occurring.

1. Valid mobile phone number required. Data and other wireless carrier charges may apply.

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