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Free software can upgrade your spending and saving habits.

Raise your personal finance IQ with by downloading BudgetSmart

Experts estimate that the typical family spends 10% more than its members take in each month. The secret to establishing better spending and saving habits is to create a budget. However, that’s often easier said than done. If you don’t know where to start when creating a budget, you aren’t alone.

At Coastal, we know that creating a budget can be overwhelming, that’s why we’ve partnered with Accel Members Financial Management to offer BudgetSmart’s software tool so that the hardwork is already done for you. Fully customizable to your family’s specific financial situation, BudgetSmart is easy to use and can give you quick feedback on efficient ways to spend, save, and reduce debt.

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The Benefits of BudgetSmart

  • Features simple graphics, pop-up boxes, and bar charts to help you manage money more effectively
  • Customizable budgeting tool that tracks the specific items your family buys
  • Easy-to-use tools to help you monitor where your money is being spent

Budget Effectively with BudgetSmart

  • Establish a household budget, track your spending, identify where you may be overspending, and access a debt reduction calculator
  • Experiment with “what-if” scenarios to determine how a major purchase or change in income would affect your budget
  • Analyze your finances so that you can spend within your means and stay out of debt

Resource Center

How to Create a Simple Budget

Building a budget can be a great way to help reduce financial stress and plan for the future. According to a recent Gallup poll, only 32% of Americans had a monthly budget to track income and expenditures and only 30% had a long-term savings plan.

The Importance of Establishing an Emergency Fund

The recent gas shortage here in the southeast left many scrambling to fill their tanks just in case the supply of gasoline to stations in our area became depleted.

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