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How Our Financial Calculators Can Help You Bank Better:

  • Create a strategy to help you make decisions about how to best spend and save your money 

  • Determine how much you need to save to reach your financial goals 

  • Analyze the details of buying a home or vehicle, planning for retirement and to build up your savings 

Compare Our Calculator Options

Auto Calculators Benefits
Calculate a Vehicle Payment
  • Easily compute your monthly payments and figure out exactly what you could afford to drive
Savings Calculators Benefits
Calculate the Impact of Saving More
  • Figure out how much someone with your financial profile might benefit from saving more 
Save for College Calculator
  • Project future college costs and put together a savings plan that could someday ease the sticker shock for you and your children
Save Toward a Goal Calculator
  • Factor in savings rate and dividend returns to figure out exactly when your dreams might become reality
Save for a Rainy Day Calculator
  • Analyze your spending and savings patterns to help you decide how much you might need to stock away
Mortgage Calculators Benefits
Rent or Buy Calculator
  • Weigh the overall costs of renting and home ownership so you can make an informed financial choice
Home Affordability Calculator
  • Consider all of the factors that determine how much home you could afford
Time to Refinance Calculator
  • Look at all of the elements that help you decide whether it's a good time to refinance your mortgage
Home Equity Calculators Benefits
Home Equity Calculator
  • Use this calculator to see how much equity is potentially in your home
Home Equity Loan Payment Calculator
  • See how you’re progressing toward your goal of getting your home equity loan balance paid off
Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit Calculator
  • Find out which option works best to help you reach your goals
Consolidating Debt with Home Equity Calculator
  • Get insight into whether your home's equity could help you save money and consolidate your outstanding debt
Retirement Calculators Benefits
401(k) Calculator
  • Figure out how much money you might accumulate and whether you should devote more of your paycheck to your account
Traditional 401(k) vs. Roth 401(k) Calculator
  • Enter your salary and retirement savings goals into this calculator to see which choice could work better for you
Retirement Income Estimator
  • Get an idea of how much money you need to fund your retirement lifestyle
Retirement Savings Calculator
  • Find out how much money you might need in retirement and whether your planning is on track
Additional Calculators
  • Find out how much money you might need for different life stages and whether your planning is on track
Debt Calculators Benefits
Debt Consolidation Calculator
  • Input current loan rates, balances, and other data to see if debt consolidation can help you get ahead
Meet a Debt Payoff Goal Calculator
  • Figure out how quickly you could pay off your debts making certain levels of monthly payments
Increase Your Monthly Payment Calculator
  • See how increasing your payments can help you pay down your loans quicker
Credit Card Payoff Calculator
  • Factor in your debt load, credit card interest rate, and potential monthly payments to create your payoff plan
Budget Calculators Benefits
How Much Am I Spending Calculator
  • Easily track your spending to find out where your money goes and to determine where more of it should be going
Spare Change Calculator
  • Use this calculator to find out how much all of your spare change is worth
Net Worth Calculator
  • Calculate your net worth, which is the difference between the value of what you own versus how much debt you owe
Working vs. Stay Home Calculator
  • Weigh the financial pros and cons of pursuing employment compared to staying at home to raise children

Resource Center

Investing for Major Financial Goals

Setting goals is an important part of life in general and financial planning in particular. Investing without knowing what you're trying to achieve is like trying to drive across country without a map or GPS.

Fun and Easy Ways You Can Start Saving More

If you’re serious about saving more this year, here are seven ways you can up your savings rate (and still have a life)!

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