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It’s not just rich people who should worry about wealth. Regular folks should also understand their financial status. After all, your assets and liabilities determine whether you can borrow money, buy a house or afford to retire. This calculator will total your assets, including homes, cars, investments and other property. You’ll also add up your loan and credit card debts and other liabilities. In the end, you’ll have a much better handle on your bottom line.

The online calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only, and the information obtained by using the online calculator is not, and should not be taken as, legal or financial advice to any person or company. Results may vary depending on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information you provide while using the online calculator. The online calculator is not substitute for consulting a qualified professional.  Coastal Federal Credit Union accepts no liability for any losses or liabilities allegedly arising from the use of the online calculator by any person or company.

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