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It’s easy to say you’re saving for retirement. It’s harder to know how much you’ll need and whether you’re on track to reach that goal. After all, there are so many factors. At what age do you plan to retire? How much is in your retirement accounts? How much might you add in the future? What might you get from Social Security? What percentage of your current income will you need to live comfortably? This calculator allows you to take a stab at the answers and set a target dollar figure you can aim for heading into your golden years.

The online calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only, and the information obtained by using the online calculator is not, and should not be taken as, legal or financial advice to any person or company. Results may vary depending on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information you provide while using the online calculator. The online calculator is not substitute for consulting a qualified professional.  Coastal Federal Credit Union accepts no liability for any losses or liabilities allegedly arising from the use of the online calculator by any person or company.

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