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Membership Disclosures Effective Date
Schedule of Fees March 1, 2020
Electronic Funds Transfer January 13 2022
Privacy Policy August 1, 2015

Deposit Accounts

Deposit Account Disclosures Effective Date
Funds Availability Policy June 25, 2020
Truth in Savings - Savings & Checking October 1, 2022
Truth in Savings - Certificates March 1, 2019
Truth in Savings - Special Certificates March 1, 2019

Credit Cards

Credit Cards Disclosures Effective Date
Visa Application and Solicitation Disclosure January 20, 2022
Visa Credit Card Disclosures January 20, 2022

Lending Accounts

Lending Account Disclosures Effective Date
Home Equity Early Disclosure May 13, 2021
Interest Only Home Equity Early Disclosure May 13, 2021

Online Services

Credit Cards

Signature Premier Rewards Visa

Rewards Visa

Rate Advantage Visa

Rate Advantage Secured Visa

Business Visa

Old Visa Disclosures

Consumer Credit Card Agreements

Other Disclosures

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Coastal Donates Building to NC Wesleyan College

Coastal Credit Union and NC Wesleyan College announced today that the credit union is donating to the college a 6,300 square foot building located at 2900 N. Wesleyan Boulevard in Rocky Mount.

Investing for Major Financial Goals

Setting goals is an important part of life in general and financial planning in particular. Investing without knowing what you're trying to achieve is like trying to drive across country without a map or GPS.

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