Business Certificate Rates

Strengthen your savings with some of our highest rates.

Coastal Business Certificates can help you reach your savings goal

Here's the ideal place for your excess cash.

If you have at least $250 that you can leave untouched for several months or years, our Business Certificate Rates will grow your money steadily over the course of various terms. As a not-for-profit North Carolina credit union, our rates are structured to maximize your savings.

Special Promotional Term Business Certificate Rates

Business Certificate Rates

Terms1 Minimum Deposit Dividend Rate APY Effective Date
6 Month $250 4.89% 5.00% APY2 5/16/2024
12 Month $250 4.89% 5.00% APY2 6/14/2024
18 Month $250 4.65% 4.75% APY2 6/14/2024
24 Month $250 4.51% 4.60% APY2 5/16/2024
36 Month $250 4.22% 4.30% APY2 5/16/2024
48 Month $250 4.31% 4.40% APY2 5/16/2024
60 Month $250 4.41% 4.50% APY2 5/16/2024

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Savings rates are subject to change daily. All member deposits are insured up to $250,000 (funds in IRA accounts are eligible for separate insurance protection up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the United States Government). Dividends are based on the Credit Union's earnings at the end of a dividend period and thus cannot be guaranteed. Early withdrawals from certificate accounts are subject to Credit Union penalty. Fees may reduce earnings on accounts. Dividends may be forfeit if an account is closed before accrued dividends are credited. Dividend Checking service charges waived if total aggregate in savings, IRA and certificates equal $1,000 or more.  


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