Visa® Account Updater (VAU)

Automatically update participating merchants when your card information changes

Here's how Visa® Account Updater (VAU) could help you bank better:

  • VAU is a free benefit that we provide to all cardholders.  You are automatically enrolled in VAU when you activate your Coastal credit or debit card.
  • VAU automatically updates participating merchants when your card information changes, but only merchants you have previously authorized to keep your card number on file. When your card information changes, whether due to loss, fraud, or an updated expiration date, Visa® will alert participating merchants so that your recurring payments are not interrupted.
  • Visa® only sends updated card numbers and expiration dates. No other personal information is sent.  If your name or address changes you will need to personally update merchants with those changes
  • Not every merchant participates in VAU. When your card information changes, you should still verify the updates with all merchants who use your card for recurring payments.
  • While there is not a list of participating merchants, new merchants are enrolling in this service every day. Several major merchants participate in VAU, such as Amazon and Netflix.

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