Life After School

A crash course in Money 101 for recent college graduates

You’ve earned your diploma. Are you ready for the next test?

Being a new college graduate is very exciting but oftentimes also very overwhelming. That's why at Coastal we make it our priority to help our recent college graduates get started off on the right foot with helpful tools and resources to get them on the right financial track. If you are a recent college graduate and you don't know where to begin when it comes to handling your finances, let Coastal walk you through the basic steps of what to do following graduation: 

Step One: Address Your Student Debt

  • Determine a manageable monthly payment towards your student loans based on what your current income is 
  • Go to the lender’s website and sign up for an automatic withdrawal from your checking account
  • A good start is to devote 10 to 15 percent of your income to retiring your debt 

Step Two: Start Saving

  • Start establishing an emergency fund 
  • Create a budget to help you stick to your savings goals 
  • Put at least 20% of your monthly income towards your savings 
  • Open a retirement account and start saving there too 

Step Three: Use Online and Mobile Banking To Automate

  • Put your budget and savings plan into action using Coastal Credit Union's Digital Banking services

  • If you know you need to put aside a certain amount of money each month into your savings account, set up an automatic transfer between your checking and savings accounts 

  • Pay bills with ease by scheduling via Online Banking and our Mobile Banking app

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If you have a lot of debt, you're not alone. Today, more and more Americans are burdened with credit card and loan payments. So whether you are trying to improve your money management, having difficulty making ends meet, want to lower your monthly loan payments, or just can't seem to keep up with all of your credit card bills, you may be looking for a way to make debt repayment easier.

Paying Off College Expenses: Student Loans

The student loan interest deduction allows you to deduct from your gross income a portion of the interest you pay on student loans.

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