Board of Directors

We're guiding Coastal Credit Union toward a more prosperous future.

These Volunteers Are Dedicated To Serving Your Best Interests

Your Vote Matters For Our Future

  • Each member has a vote to name the volunteers serving on the Board of Directors

  • This group is responsible for the credit union's long-term planning and guidance while overseeing its direction and ensuring the institution does right by you and all members

  • Members of the Board of Directors are your neighbors in the North Carolina communities we love to serve, and they're always looking out for your best interests 

Coastal's Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee always plan for the future:

  • Joan Nelson, Chairwoman
  • Deron Rossi, Vice Chair
  • Beverly Baskin, Secretary / Treasurer
  • Jeff Dooley, Director
  • Dave Manning, Director
  • Jason Mudd, Director
  • AJ Ramsey, Director
  • William Smith, Director Emertitus


  • Michael Abensour, Supervisory Committee 
  • Nicole Jefferies, Supervisory Committee 
  • Alice Mariano, Supervisory Committee
  • Marquita Robertson, Supervisory Committee


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