Community Engagement

Our teams works to strengthen Coastal's presence in the Triangle.

Striving to be a partner, an advocate and a leader for our communities

Here's how Coastal's Community Engagement could help everyone bank better:

  • We continually seek new companies, organizations and associations to become our Business Partner so we can extend the benefits of Coastal Credit Union membership to those groups' employees, volunteers and clients
  • We deliver financial literacy classes to youth and adults, host lunch-and-learns with Business Partners and provide other educational activities to empower our neighbors
  • Our community-wide participation also includes volunteer service projects, community events and seminars​

Sharing with others to lift them up

There's hard work in spreading the word about Coastal Credit Union and showing people how we help members improve their financial well-being and become more involved with life in our communities. Our Community Engagement team spends time in many communities, introducing themselves and Coastal to individuals and businesses in North Carolina's Triangle. Education is at the heart of our efforts, not only in that first interaction with people but also in the numerous events and seminars we host and participate in throughout the year. In 2006 alone, our team was part of more than 2,700 volunteer projects, community events and educational seminars. We also make regular visits to our Business Partners to help their employees strengthen their financial standing. When it comes to working hard to earn your trust and improve your financial situation, our team is in it for the long haul.

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