Member Giveback

Coastal returns millions to our members

Quantifying how our members Bank Better to Live Better


Member Giveback is the value that we provided to our members in the form of better loan and deposit rates, and lower fees than our competition, along with unique perks and special incentives that we offer throughout the year. Member Giveback quantifies how we deliver on our mission of Bank Better to Live Better, and exemplifies Coastal’s core value of Share Generously and the cooperative principle Members’ Economic Participation.

For the past eleven years, Coastal has returned more than $29.2 million to our members in the form of special dividends, which we call our Loyalty Bonus. It is paid to eligible members as a reward for keeping their loan and deposit relationships with Coastal.  Longer memberships earn even greater Loyalty Bonus dividends.

Combined with our Loyalty Bonus dividends, the overall value that Coastal provides to members produces a cumulative positive impact of more than $41.6 million* annually. That’s an average of nearly $139 extra in members’ wallets, simply because they chose Coastal over other options. Of course, the more someone opts to bring their financial needs to Coastal, the more they can potentially save.

Ways we save members money How much* we saved members in 2021
Refinancing MORTGAGES $1,875,940
Auto Refinance Savings Guarantee  $131,530
Refinancing AUTO LOANS $5,591,590
AUTO LOANS Rates $2,813,020
HOME EQUITY Rates $435,540
MORTGAGE Rates $964,590
CREDIT CARD Rates $6,542,550
GO GREEN CHECKING Dividends $4,103,210
SAVINGS Dividends  $394,930
MONEY MARKET Dividends $4,577,930
CERTIFICATES Dividends $2,949,600
IRA HIGH YIELD SAVINGS Dividends $271,290
FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER Origination Fee $126,740
Overdraft Transfer Fee (eliminated 2017)  $959,490
Discounts, Rewards & Incentives
LOYALTY BONUS Dividends $4,077,140 
DAYMARK REALTY Member Savings $570,100
Join Days $127,960
Credit & debit card bonus incentives $94,600
Fast Lane at Coastal Credit Union Music Park $33,570
Coastal Music Park Concessions Discount $8,390
Carolina Hurricanes Discounts $5,439
NCFC / Courage Discounts $34,480
WEALTH MANAGEMENT Personalized Retirement Plans $1,028,250
Total Member Giveback $ 41,674,500


* Member Giveback is estimated by comparing the average interest and dividend rates of Coastal’s loan and deposit product portfolios versus average local bank rates for similar products from external sources like and S&P Global. We also compared Coastal’s fees to the advertised fees of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, PNC, First Citizens and Truist. Additionally, we quantify the actual cash value of product incentives and discounts that Coastal offers to members.

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