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Ever wish you would have shopped around for your auto loan the way you sought out the best deal on your car? It's not too late! We're confident we can beat your bank rate.
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Beat the Bank

Simply put, you're paying too much on your auto loan. But right now, if you move it to your Coastal account, we guarantee we'll beat the bank.

If you refinance your existing auto loan with us, we guarantee we'll either:

  • Lower your Auto Rate by 1%*
  • or
  • Lower your Payment by $100 /mo

We're confident we can make this happen. If we can't, we'll give you 1% cash back of the amount you finance with us!

Three easy ways to apply:

  1. Apply Online
  2. Visit a Branch
  3. Call us at 919-882-6686

Have an Auto Loan financed elsewhere? Move it to Coastal. We're so confident that we can either beat your bank's rate by 1% or lower your monthly payment by $100, that if we don't, we'll give you back 1% of the amount you finance with us!

* 1% cash back on loan amounts refinanced with Coastal is capped at $500.00.